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February 3, 2016

Which Supplements for Immune Health?

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From New Chapter

Understanding the Immune System

Your immune system is a network of cells and organs that surveys your body for foreign substances, then responds to neutralize them as needed. Healthy immune function includes both physical barriers and specialized cell activity. In general, the immune system is on the job to keep the body in a state of wellness… and it works around the clock!

A healthy immune system is one that is neither over-stimulated nor under-stimulated. Various factors can contribute to immune imbalance: stress, lack of sleep, inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption, lack of exercise, or excessive exercise. So on the other hand, a healthy lifestyle can help your immune system stay balanced—think stress management, adequate restful sleep, a varied diet that includes plenty of produce, and regular moderate exercise.

Nutrients for Immune Support

In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, vitamin and mineral formulations from New Chapter can support immune function and overall health and wellness.

*Vitamin C is a favorite vitamin for immune support.* New Chapter’s Activated C Food Complex delivers a probiotic-cultured form of Vitamin C that’s gentle on the stomach.

*Zinc for immune support, with complementary Elderberry, organic Eleuthero root, and organic Astragalus.

*Black Elderberry fruit has an extensive history of being used in the early stages of seasonal immune challenges.

Mushrooms for Immune Support

Mushrooms have long been recognized for their key role in supporting the immune system, especially Reishi—abundant in New Chapter’s LifeShield Immune Support. Like all of the organic mushrooms in our LifeShield mushroom formulas, Reishi is grown to its full life-cycle form to deliver the mushroom’s whole protective shield.

Pure Elderberry Supplement

New Chapter’s Immune Take Care™ is a powerful blend of pure ingredients, delivering Elderberry and Black Currant for comprehensive support for healthy immune function.*

Pure & Potent Oregano Supplement

Oregano has been used worldwide for centuries for its numerous health benefits. And you’ll find TWO potent, full-spectrum Oregano extracts in New Chapter’s Oregano Force™. Oregano supports a healthy immune system as well as scavenging free radicals and supporting normal respiratory function.*

November 17, 2015

MegaFood Vitamins Announces More Non GMO Verified Products

MegaFood Whole Food Supplement Company is excited to add even more products to the list of their supplements that have received the Non-GMO Project Verified seal from the Non-GMO Project.

November 4, 2015

New Recipes for Garden of Life’s Protein Powders

An article in Extraordinary Health Magazine stated, “Supplemental plant protein use is wildly popular these days. In fact, eating plants versus animal-sourced food, in general, has numerous health advantages and is becoming increasingly popular. “But not all plants—or plant proteins—are alike or the best to use as a protein source. Some plant proteins are made […]

October 31, 2014

Signs Your Body is Deficient in Vitamins

By Dr Don Colbert Being sure to maintain the levels of vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal body functioning can be tricky. Many people will attempt to meet their vitamin needs through food or by taking vitamin supplements and people who do so usually feel that they have all the nutrition they need to stay […]

October 18, 2014

October is Non GMO Month

Happy Non-GMO Month! (contains excerpts from New Chapter and Beyond Organic Insider) A new study says long-term eating of genetically modified (GM) corn and its weed killer, Roundup, leads to tumors, damaged kidneys and livers, and early death in rats. Just in time for Halloween, here’s some scary news about GMOs . . . A […]

October 14, 2014

Vision Problems

Survey Shows That Americans Lack Significant Knowledge of Age-Related Vision Problems—Macular degeneration and glaucoma among the top areas Americans have the most misunderstanding according to the American Optometric Association

October 13, 2014

Prenatal Vitamins

If you’re really keen on taking a prenatal vitamin and looking for a recommendation, the one that are taken from whole foods and botanical sources, are more digestible and absorbable than most, and do not contain any of the usual fillers, preservatives, coloring, etc.

October 12, 2014

Jordan Rubin’s Creative Burst

by Gail Bowman Jordan Rubin is being creative again! His new company, Beyond Organic, is coming out with wonderful new products that meet the needs of those of us that are trying to live with fewer toxins in our lives. Not only do we need truly grass fed meat, truly healthy dairy products that are […]

October 11, 2014


Blueberries are known to boost the effectiveness of vitamin C a major strengthener of the immune system. With the help of blueberries your immune system will be able to reduce inflammation production and increase protective immune function. Free radicals from cellular stress create havoc on the immune system. Blueberries can help manage the stress on the immune system by being a free radical scavenger; leaving the immune system geared up to do it’s work of protecting you from the formation and growth of cancer cells.

October 10, 2014

Mushrooms and the Flu

The potential for mushrooms to fight influenza is being examined following United States research suggesting the body’s natural immune response against viral infections and tumours is boosted through the consumption of white button mushrooms. Eating more mushrooms may be a simple, natural way to boost the immune system to prevent colds and flu this winter. Although most varieties of mushrooms have immune stimulating properties, maitake, shiitake, and reishi are three of the best.

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