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March 15, 2016

New Health Food Emporium Website

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We have a new website!

The internet is a confusing and complicated place these days.  The technology necessary to sell online is changing by leaps and bounds.  In order to address and meet these changes, we have created a brand new website!  I want to reference the old Bionic Man TV show and say that the new website is “Better, Stronger, Faster than it was before,” but many of you won’t remember that show, so I will just list the benefits to you here:

  • The new site is totally secure.  Every page of the website is secure, not just the shopping cart.
  • Your email address and password from your old online account should work.  If it doesn’t, it won’t hurt anything to start a new account on the new site.
  • The new site is more phone and tablet friendly.
  • For our Megafood customers: The new site offers a deeper discount on sale items than the old site does.

Here is the new site: (Please use this link to get there and then bookmark it) https://healthfoodemporium.com

Please note: The website address above starts with https. The “s” is for secure.  Also, there is no www. in the front of this address. If you use a www. address, you will go to the old site.

Please go and check it out.  Please call me if you have any difficulties, and please leave a comment in the comments section of the checkout to let me know how the experience went.

Thank you again for shopping with us!

Gail Bowman

PS: You can’t order Beyond Organic/Youngevity products on the new site.  To order Beyond Organic/Youngevity please click here.

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