May 11, 2014

Beyond Organic, God and Health

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By Gail Bowman

In May of this year, David and I, along with other members of the Chairmen’s Committee, were blessed by the opportunity to spend 3 days with Jordan Rubin and his family at the Beyond Organic Ranch. It was such a privilege, and a complete joy, to get to know Jordan, his wonderful wife and 3 beautiful, active, children and his mom, Phyllis! They are a loving and faith based family right down to their socks!

Jordan’s mom told us some great stories about Jordan when he was growing up. Apparently, he was a very active little guy who, even at a young age, tended to set goals and work hard until he reached his goal. One particularly great story was about a time when Jordan was about 8 years old and decided to play the lead in Oliver! Apparently Jordan has always had a great voice and enjoyed drama and singing.

We also spent some time getting to know the support group of friends that have been with Jordan since the bad old days when he was a Crohn’s patient living in a motor home. Jason Newberry, John Norton and Kenny Duke were among the guys that we were able to spend time with. This great group of guys have been with Jordan through thick and thin, through Garden of Life and the founding of Beyond Organic. They share his vision, and they are all terrific, caring people. Every one of these great guys were fully focused on bringing the great Beyond Organic foods to families across the county.

So what does Jordan do in his time off? I never saw him rest. His has a lot of energy, and when the rest of us were sitting in the shade after a long day walking through the pastures at the ranch, Jordan was playing football with his son, Joshua. Jordan also spends time in the gym, loves to sing and spend time with his family. People ask me, “Is Jordan for real, or is it just an act for TV?” Jordan is for real. He feels deeply for people that are sick and wants very badly to make truly healthy foods available to everyone.

For David and I, being involved with the gifted and caring people at Beyond Organic, has given us a new lease on life. We have made friends with so many people that have the same health goals that we do. We are now surrounded with people that, not only understand the way we eat and live, but who are working to eat and live the same way! I don’t have to explain, to this group of people, why we exercise 2 hours a day, or why we don’t ever eat fast food, or why we spend extra to find organic food, grass fed meats, and avoid gluten. They are all doing the same things! We feel empowered to live a healthy life by being around so many health minded people at Beyond Organic! The friends that are being forged here are deep and enduring relationships that will last a lifetime.

Next week, Beyond Organic is launching a new line of products to go on the outside of our bodies: Skin and Body Care. Jordan feels very strongly that we need to be just as careful about what we put on our bodies and we are about what we put in our bodies.

David and I have had a lot of health issues over the last 20 years. We have fought illness and injuries, and been badly poisoned by gas and pollution. We came to a crossroads in January, this year. We could jump onto the gris mill of endless doctors and prescriptions, continue to gain weight and deal with degenerating joints and an ever bleaker outlook for the next 30 years, or we could do something about it. We have chosen to completely chang our lives to be focused on health and our faith. Beyond Organic has empowered us to do that by giving us a support group, by giving us some extra income, and by giving us the kinds of products and education that we couldn’t get any where else.

I will be writing more about this transformation in our lives, not only here, but in other kinds of places and other forums. It is time that we start talking about the future of our health in this country, and on this planet. If you feel as strongly as I do about this, then this is a great time for you to start looking into Beyond Organic, whole food vitamins and supplements, and well crafted, organic skin care products.

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