October 12, 2014

Jordan Rubin’s Creative Burst

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by Gail Bowman

Jordan Rubin is being creative again! His new company, Beyond Organic, is coming out with wonderful new products that meet the needs of those of us that are trying to live with fewer toxins in our lives. Not only do we need truly grass fed meat, truly healthy dairy products that are free of GMO and hormones, and real spring water, but we also need skin care products and snack and pantry items. Well, Jordan knows this. He has been listening to the problems that people have had trying to find real food since he wrote the Maker’s Diet. He has been thinking and planning.

Beyond Organic has come out with their Skin Care Line as well as their Live Foods line! For those of us who thought Beyond Organic was all about meat and dairy products, this is huge news! I want to talk about each of these new lines today and explain why these products from Beyond Organic are different than other “organic” companies out there.

Lets talk about Skin and Body Care. At Health Food Emporium, I carry 2 other lines of organic skin and body care; Aubrey Organics and Miessence (from Australia).

The Aubrey Organic line is the least expensive of the three lines, and tends to rate on the Skin Deep site at about a 2 or a 3. So, not perfect, but a lot better than regular skin care products; and economically priced. Low price is nothing to be sneezed at!

However, Miessence, from Australia, is much lower on the toxin range. Skin Deep rates most of their products as a “0”. The problem with Miessence is that, in order to get that low rating, they don’t add a lot of things to their products to actually regenerate your skin and make it heal and strengthen. I never thought about that before. Maybe what isn’t there is as important as the quality of what is there. Plus, Miessence is fairly hard to get since we have to import it from Australia for our customers.

Now we come to Beyond Organic. We all know that Jordan Rubin seldom does things by “just skating by”. He usually does things with excellence. Skin Care is no exception. Of course, all of the ingredients have a very low rating on Skin Deep. We expected that, but Jordan actually adds things like Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Organic Date, Organic Fig, Organic Olive, Organic Pomegranate Extracts and Wildcrafted Hickory Bark and Fresh Water Glacial Silt. These ingredients actually boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles and assist in activating natural skin rejuvenation! Woo hoo!

Both Miessence and Beyond Organic are pricey. However, we have the knowledge that these organic products are not going to add to the toxin loads that our poor bodies are having to fight off, just by living on this planet!

I have recently received and tried my Beyond Organic skin care products. They are terrific! The shampoo smells like fresh oranges. The Facial Cleanser smells like fresh apples. And the body cream smells to me like Chai Tea! Yummy! I find myself looking forward to my skin care program every day instead of dreading it! Maybe part of that is that I feel like I am actually “feeding” my skin, making it healthier, rather than just putting goop on my face and I’m not really sure why.

I am also excited about Jordan’s new Live foods line. I have known Jordan a long time, and he has always talked about feeding people. He is passionate about helping people to get real food that is really nutritious and truly organic!

Jordan has just created 2 lines, really. The Live Foods are are organic, sprouted in probiotics, made by hand in small batches and ezymatically activated and enhanced in nutrition, and vegan! Wow!

What’s next for Jordan in this wild and exciting new product production cycle? There are rumors that November will see him release Lean Beef and Cheese Sausage, Lean Beef Summer Sausage, Biltong (a dried beef product) and lots of new and exciting cuts of green-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free beef (like tri-tip, filet minion, etc.)!

Keep watching. I will do a review when I get my Live Food snacks and the NuVino and tell you what I think!