September 28, 2014

Gail’s Review of Suzanne Somers’ new book, Breakthrough

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I am reading Suzanne Somers’ new book, Breakthrough. I wanted to share with my readers some of the points that I am taking away.  First of all, I find her writing to be very interesting, well written and easy to understand.  She is also, obviously, a very sympathetic person who has been through a terrible illness, survived, and very sincerely wants to share her “breakthrough” with as many people as possible.  And she does a very good job of it.

However, I think it is vital that readers understand that what happened to Suzanne is not necessarily “normal” or “the average” experience.  She had fibrocystic breasts and a deadly tumor behind them that went undiagnosed long term. Her hormonal/adrenal system shut down and she was very, very ill.  The hormone treatments that she describes in the book are very radical and expensive and probably not necessary, or financially feasible,  for the average person. There is also a certain amount of looking for an answer to the inevitability of death that I just cannot share or condone because of my faith. However, that said, I learned, and am learning, a lot from the book and would highly recommend it as a source of knowledge and information. I am also taking away a new respect for Suzanne Somers and her remarkable accomplishments!

Some great things that I found in the book are listed below.  If you are interested in any of these subjects, I suggest you buy the book so you can find out more about them:

  • A big part of an Oncologist’s salary comes from bonuses from administering chemotherapy!
  • Iodine can reverse and even cure fibrocystic breasts! The brand they recommend is called Iodoral in a dose of 5 to 6 milligrams a day.
  • Cimetidine (Tagamet) interferes with cancer cell progression, is cheap and side effect free.
  • Iscador is a immune boosting product derived from mistletoe, that builds up your immune system so you can fight cancer.
  • Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant hormone that captures free radicals. It is also a sleep hormone.
  • Bladder infections can be cured naturally by taking a natural sugar called D-mannose!
  • Macular Degeneration may be due to poor digestion.
  • Age related hearing loss can be cured with a hormone called aldosterone.
  • If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth don’t put it on your skin!
  • Baldness in women may be due to poor digestion.
  • Very small doses of Lithium protect and repair brain neuron activity.
  • Chromium really does control sugar cravings.
  • Statins (like Lipitor) erode memory by shutting down cholesterol to the brain, and deplete testosterone.
  • Alcohol and caffeine turn testosterone into estradiol. Elevated levels of estradiol add weight around the tummy! (The secret reason you can’t drink alcohol and lose weight!)
  • Take your Omega 3s
  • Get sunshine on your skin in reasonable amounts, and not through a sunscreen.
  • Resveratrol helps control inflammation and helps prevent prostate cancer by “turning on” the genes that protect us from disease.
  • Progestin can lead to cycstic breasts and even cancer.
  • Mammograms increase the risk of breast cancer as much as 10%.
  • Curcumin (in turmeric, milk thistle and echinecea) reduces inflammation.
  • MSG, Aspartame, Diet Soda, NutraSweet and Equal all share an ingredient that causes severe neuron damage, brain tumors, early Alzheimer’s and other nasty things. It is also EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE!