September 2, 2014

Household Toxins

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I have been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and survived. I feel very, very strongly that part of my recovery was related to the fact that God, without my knowing it, removed chemicals like chlorine from my home and my life. Then, after I read “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan Rubin, I continued the process of identifying and eliminating toxic chemicals from my environment.

I know that there is only so much you can do. But the first thing to do is to educate yourself about skin care products that carry sodium laurel sulfate, formaldehyde, etc. Look for brands that are made from natural ingredients. I am sorry to say that this also means nail polish and nail polish remover. (That one was a huge tragedy for me!) Then look at the way you clean your house, wash your hands and body, the way you do your laundry, even the room deodorants you spray around your children! If you don’t know what is in it and how it works, don’t use it, don’t touch it and don’t spray it!!

Then you get into the arena of the exhaust from our cars, the fumes from our carpets and wallboards in our homes, etc. There again, we are stuck on this toxic planet and we can only do so much. We can attempt to stay out of traffic jams but that is not very helpful when you are trying to get to work. And we can try to replace carpeting with tile, but it is cold on the feet and expensive to do…

However, if we begin the process of educating ourselves to the hazards by reading books like “Living Green” by Greg Horn, and begin to make changes to the things that we can control, then we are doing better than we used to do and we are heading in the right direction. Here is a good, solid article to start the ball rolling: Gail

Breast Cancer – Chemical Toxin Link

from February 10, 2009 Environmental Health 24-7

Could long term exposure to chemical toxins be the cause of breast cancer?

I am sure right now you are thinking that you don’t come into contact with poisonous chemicals or pesticides…you are just a regular person living your life. No exposure here!

Think again!!! Life just isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time… about 60 years ago everything was pretty much natural, then along came the Chemical revolution bringing along with it a massive increase of about every existing modern day disease known to mankind, such as cancers, asthma, immune system disorders such as ITP disorder, MS , Lupus etc. 60 years ago thee diseases were not common.

A new survey of scientific evidence conducted by researchers working with the Breast Cancer Fund makes a very compelling case that the industrialized world’s rising breast cancer rate may stem from exposure to radiation and chemicals in plastics, pesticides, cosmetics and other common household goods, including personal care products as well as cleaners. Women are especially at risk because they are the ones taking care of their homes.

“Increasingly sophisticated and compelling data link radiation and various chemicals in our environment to the current high rates of breast cancer incidence,” says the study, “State of the Evidence – The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment,” published in the February issue of the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health.

Just what are toxins and how can the help me develop breast cancer?

Toxins are poisonous chemicals that are placed in products and toiletries that we use every day. From household cleaners, to body care products, toxins are everywhere.

These products contain chemicals like formaldehyde and dioxins. They are disbursed in the air we breathe and absorbed into our skin.

Because we live in such tight homes there is no way for these chemical poisons to escape. And when we use personal care products, our skin acts as a sponge and absorbs all of the toxins. Even when we shower our skin happily soaks up the chlorine in the water. No different than the way a trans-dermal patch is used to quit smoking or for birth control or a hormone imbalance, the process is the same. We soak up what we come in contact with just like a thirsty sponge. These toxic chemicals weaken our immune system and cause acute inflammation of the body, which slows the bodies’ ability to fight off germs. Our toxic load makes it take longer for your body to fight off a cold or the flu. They also can trigger many of our immune system disorders such as ITP, MS and Lupus. and are suspected of being a main contributing factor to cancer, especially breast cancer..

Over the last 20-30 years, as more and more unregulated toxic chemicals have been introduced in greater amounts, the level of toxins stored in fatty tissues has increased dramatically. It is acknowledged that this accumulation can be stored in our bodies for life. The long term consequences is a toxic body with an extremely compromised immune system that is not capable of, nor was ever designed by our creator to handle such a toxic chemical load. This load eventually destroys our bodies’ health. Then comes disease.

“The picture of breast cancer causation that emerges is complex,” said Breast Cancer Fund president Jeanne Rizzo. “While there is no single smoking gun, the trends that emerge lead us to stop asking IF there is a link between breast cancer and synthetic chemicals, and to instead ask how to act to reduce our exposure, given the strong and compelling evidence we now have.”

Let me ask you this….Don’t you think it’s time to consider that perhaps your immune system disorder such as cancer could be triggered by toxic overload?

If you think seriously about it I am sure you will agree that it is a real possibility. It’s time to literally clean house. Get rid of all the toxic chemicals and see if it makes a difference.

Only you can take action personally for your health!