June 2, 2013

Lora’s Story

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In January 2004 Lora wrote in a forum: Hi. My name is Lora. I have metastasized breast Cancer that has spread to my bones and abdomen. I have been taking chemo-therapy for the last 18 months. In October I started taking three (3) Primal Defense and nine (9) RM-10 regular daily. Since I started taking the Garden of Life products, it seems that my cancer count started dropping at a faster rate. Currently my cancer counts are back in the normal range. It has dropped from 530 points to 27 points. My doctor mentioned stopping chemo-therapy. Once that happens, I am hoping that Garden of Life products will keep me from returning to chemo-therapy.  I feel like the Lord has guided me to this product and I don’t want to take the credit from him. Ultimately I do feel like my healing will come from Him.

February 2004: My doctor has taken me off Chemo therapy and it will be interesting to see if Garden of Life can keep me off. Lora

July 2004: Hi, this is Lora bringing you an update. I am the woman with metastatic breast cancer to my bones. As of now I have been off chemotherapy for about 5 months. In August of 2003, my cancer count was 530. I had a small drop of approximately 30 points during the month of August and September on chemotherapy alone. Then in October I started Garden of Life Products and the numbers started dropping approximately 100 points a month. My cancer markers are continuing to decrease, they were 24, two months ago and they are currently at 13! I praise God for bringing me a product that is helping me. I have tried a lot of natural products over the last 4 years, but nothing has given me as good of results as the garden of life products. I don’t feel that products work the same for everybody, but they have definitely helped me a lot. This is also the easiest program I have tried, I will have no problem taking pills the rest of my life instead of nasty concoctions of green juices and nasty herbs. Best health to you all. Lora

The rest of the story:  Lora’s cancer count stayed down for over a year.  By then she was feeling so much better that she went to work doing some house cleaning and reduced the count on the products she was taking to save money.

Her cancer count climbed to 20, then 35 on the reduced dosage of products.

Lora tried other products like xango instead of the garden of Life products and her count jumped.  50, then 85.  The doctors put her back on chemo in 2006 with a cancer count of 85.

In the past two years Lora underwent three courses of chemo.  She went back on the products full steam, but she was then so sick from the chemo that she couldn’t take as many pills as she would have liked.  In fall 2007 her kidneys started to show signs of failure.  Then the doctors took a liver biopsy in April 2008.  Lora’s liver became infected as a result of the biopsy and she went Home on May 19, 2008.

My question: Did the cancer kill Lora?

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