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August 21, 2017

Amasai from Beyond Organic

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What is Amasai?

In these days of constant TV ads, I think we are all aware how important it is to put probiotics into our systems, even if we are trying to do it with store-bought yogurt or Kefir. I, personally, drink Kefir every day. But what is in the Kefir that I drink? I used to drink goat kefir from a large, well known, goat dairy. Ok, well, goats are something that I know a little about. They have to have grain to produce lots of milk, and they have to have vaccinations.

Then Jordan Rubin decided to break all the “normal” rules about dairy. He is not using grain to raise milk production. His animals are all green fed, so there will be no GMO issues. He has found a way around vaccinations. To be honest, I don’t really understand how he is doing that, but he is. So, no vaccinations in the milk. He is not boosting growth rates with hormones. So no hormones in the milk. He is not using pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers on the soil. And, he has gone out and found cattle that do not have the DNA marker for A1 Casein that has been found to be behind so many of our really unpleasant diseases these days. Just wow!

Jordan is milking his cattle just as much as they will naturally produce without grain. He is not cutting the fats out of the milk to produce butter, so the milk will be truly “whole”, and he is processing the milk at very low temperatures so the vitamins and proteins are not destroyed.

With this great, pure, healthy milk, he is creating cheeses, Amasai and SueroViv.

OK, what is Amasai? Amasai is very much like Kefir, or like a liquid yogurt. To make this cultured dairy drink, Jordan chose to use the recipe from the Masai Tribe in Africa. I really am not sure that that factoid makes any difference to me. What I want is a healthy cultured dairy drink that is high in natural vitamins and fats, that my sensitive stomach will tolerate every day.

At the first Beyond Organic conference, in July 2013, I had the chance to try Amasai. 4 times. I had no problem at all with it. Nothing. Why would that be? (If you don’t know me, I have terrible digestion and I can’t normally eat or drink anything at all, ever, out of a cow.) Well, Jordan is carefully culturing his dairy products until the lactose is broken down, so that they are super-digestible. So, I have very high hopes that this is the answer to the need for dairy in my diet that has the high Omega 3 fats, the vitamins and the minerals that naturally come in milk, without the chemicals and hormones that I worry are in every other dairy food out there!

What does it taste like? It tastes like a mild flavored Kefir or yogurt. I don’t eat much sugar, so the Raspberry flavor was a little sweet for me, but the Plain was perfect. Very good, smooth, and easy to drink.

Amasai has over 30 live probiotic cultures that are historically validated, coupled with longer term culturing, to create a wide array of beneficial compounds including organic acids and enzymes and a more complete pre‐digestion of nutrients. This gives Amasai a unique profile of true whole milk nutrients created through select heritage dairy breeding, a green grazing and feeding program and old world culturing and production methods for a delicious, highly digestible cultured dairy beverage.

This would be a drink that you can serve to your children at breakfast to really start their day off right. Or that you can give to your spouse or your parents that don’t want to take probiotics, or who just need more healthy food in their diet. I take probiotics every day, and I use Beyond Organic Amasai in my breakfast routine, and possibly before bed as a special treat. Jordan suggested putting Amasai in your ice cream maker for a great frozen yogurt desert!

To find out more about Amasai and the rest of the Beyond Organic foods, go to HealthFoodEmporium/Beyond-Organic. To find out more about A1 Casein, click here.

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