August 3, 2014

Beyond Organic Amasai Review

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Beyond Organic Amasai Review

by Gail Bowman
Mission Marketer and Senior Vice President for Beyond Organic

Those of you that know me know that I have chronic stomach problems, and that I take a lot of probiotics and digestive enzymes to help control it, but still cannot eat anything beef or pork, or most oils (except olive or coconut), or most beans. Well, I also drink goat’s milk kefir every day. But I have been sick since spring. Everything I eat goes right through me. It was so bad that my husband was starting to think we would have to break down and see a doctor! I don’t LIKE doctors.

Then, in mid November, we received our Beyond Organic shipment. Now, most everything from Beyond Organic comes from cows, so we were worried about me being able to eat any of it. Well, the day it arrived, I had been sick all day. It arrived in the middle of the afternoon, and the Amasai was frozen so I set one bottle on the counter to defrost.

When we were making dinner, and I was battling continual trips to the bathroom, so I wasn’t being much help, I opened the bottle of Amasai and poured about 4 ounces in a glass. My husband strongly objected, feeling like that was just adding sick on top of sick, but I was just too curious.

I didn’t get sick! Let me say that again with feeling. Not only did the Amasai not make me sick, but I was able to eat my dinner, and keep it in, and sleep that night without being sick!

As a matter of fact, I have been drinking 8 ounces of Amasai every day, and I haven’t been sick yet! Not one single episode! Done.

Amasai is a cultured, basically raw, dairy drink similar to kefir. It is made from green fed cow’s milk that is free from chemicals and A1 casein, and my system is thriving on it!

If you have stomach problems, even if you can’t drink cow’s milk, I would strongly suggest that you try Amasai! I, for one, will be working hard never to run out! Great job Jordan!

Many people ask me what I eat for breakfast. Well, I drink a high protein breakfast drink made with Amasai. Here is the recipe:

Morning drink for 2 people:

One bottle, 16 ounces, of Amasai.
One cup of fruit. I use fresh organic oranges with fresh organic berries or an organic pear.
2 servings of protein powder. I use 1 serving (2 scoops) of MegaFood Pure Food Cocoa flavor, and 1 serving (1 scoop) of Garden of Life Raw Protein, but a good whey protein would work too.
1 level teaspoon of Eclectic Institute Nutrigenomic Berry powder
1/2 teaspoon of organic baking cocoa powder

Put all ingredients in the blender (actually, it works better if you add them in the order above while the blender is on medium speed. That way you don’t get powder stuck to the sides of the blender.) blend until the fruit is liquified at high speed.

Add one organic, grass fed omega 3 egg. Be careful to wash the shell first. Blend at medium speed until blended.

Add enough cold water to make 4 cups. Blend again to mix. Enjoy!

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