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January 24, 2018

The Keto Zone Excerpt

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This is an excerpt from the fabulous book, Keto Zone, by Dr Don Colbert which explains the Ketogenic Diet, how to do it, the rock solid science behind it and how to use this diet to create the lifestyle that will change your life. This is not, by any means, the first book that I have read on this subject, and I am completely convinced that the high carb/low fat diet that we have all been raised on, has caused the obesity and Alzheimer’s explosion among the aging generation of the Earth right now! I have written other articles about the myths that have vilified consuming fats for the last 50 years. If you just read one book on this subject, I highly recommend this one. Dr. Colbert is a practicing (Christian) doctor that is very easy to understand. Here is an Excerpt:

New research and numerous studies are showing that Atkins, and many others who are speaking up against the low-fat, high-carb craze, were and are right on target. Researchers Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney, both from the fitness side of things, ran studies to verify their beliefs. Their findings revealed, among countless other things, the following about the Atkins diet:

• The low-carb diet works.
• Cardiovascular health is not impaired.
• The high-fat part of the diet actually lowers risk for heart disease and diabetes.
• HDL (the good cholesterol) goes up.
• Triglycerides, blood pressure, and inflammation go down.

As for Keys’s theory that fat, and especially saturated fat, was the cause of heart disease, that has been firmly debunked. Rajiv Chowdhury and his team reviewed seventy-two of the best studies on fat and heart disease that included more than six hundred thousand people from eighteen countries. They conclusively found there to be no evidence of a connection between dietary fat or saturated fat and heart disease. There is no going back and undoing history.

The belief that fat is bad is still cemented as a “proven fact” in the minds of many, but that ship, though it has sailed, is leaking like a sieve.

Yes, fat (especially saturated fat) is still regarded as the enemy. Ask a doctor and you will probably get the same warning about not eating too many eggs, too much animal protein, avoiding butter, eating more fruit and vegetables, taking a statin drug to lower cholesterol, and more. And to lose weight, most doctors still recommend a low-fat diet.

There is zero correlation between the intake of saturated fat and heart disease.

Eventually, whether out of a desire to lose weight or out of desperation to beat a sickness, people are going to come face to face with the benefits of a ketogenic diet. At that point, they will have to make up their minds and choose what they are going to believe.


In more than thirty years of medical practice, I have dissected almost every diet that exists. I have measured, counted, and calculated and have learned what does and does not work for weight loss. I have monitored, advised, and worked directly with thousands of patients to help them get healthy and stay healthy.

Though Atkins was right on target with many aspects of his diet, I am proposing a ketogenic diet that is different from his for two primary reasons:

1.  Protein: Eating too much protein causes the body to convert excess proteins to sugar, which defeats part of the benefits of the ketogenic diet. Choose grass-fed meats and wild fish instead of processed meats, grain-fed meats, or farm-raised fish. There are too many toxins in these.Dr Don Colbert

2.  Healthier fats: Eating just any fat may work for weight loss on the ketogenic diet, but over the long term, it is much better to eat healthy fats, as they are not inflammatory.

I believe the Keto Zone diet is the healthiest diet in the world. The diet, in my opinion, is more important than any medicine, exercise, or supplements. The food that is the diet is what makes it work. Nothing else compares for weight loss, for overcoming or managing sicknesses and disease, and for creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle going forward.

Colbert, Don. Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet: Burn Fat, Balance Appetite Hormones, and Lose Weight (p. 26). Worthy Publishing.

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