August 15, 2014

Beyond Organic Sueroviv Review

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Beyond Organic Sueroviv Review

By Gail Bowman
Mission Marketer and Senior Vice President for Beyond Organic

I am so excited about the way that Beyond Organic products have changed my way of life, that I just can’t wait to share with you! I told you how incredibly healing the Amasai was for my stomach. Well, the Sueroviv is right in the same category!

Sueroviv is made from the Whey from A1 Casein free cheese. Beyond Organic adds organic berries, citrus oils and honey, and what you get is a lemonade-like beverage that is full of probiotics and electrolytes. It tastes like lemonade and comes in 3 flavors: lemon (Citrus), Raspberry or Orange Cinnamon. Everyone decides on a favorite right away and generally sticks to it. They are terrific! And so good for you and your children or seniors!

My stomach loves it! I haven’t been able to eat anything out of a cow for years. (Not milk, cheese, kefir, beef, gelatin or even gelatin capsules.) But, all of a sudden, I can drink the Amasai, which actually is soothing to my stomach, and the Sueroviv is easy on my stomach too! It makes you wonder if it really is cow. Jordan, do you have goats out there masquerading as cows? Just kidding. These two products actually settle in my stomach much better than goat’s milk products ever did!

I am now getting calls from thrilled Moms that have found that their children prefer Sueroviv over soda! How cool is that?

At my house, we drink a green pick-me-up at about 3 in the afternoon. Well, Sueroviv was a natural addition to the mix. Here is my recipe:

Gail’s Green Pineapple Pick-Me-Up, for 2 people

In your blender, add:
1 bottle Orange Cinnamon Sueroviv
1/2 cup raw organic pineapple
1/4 cup raw organic carrots
1 handfull fresh organic spinach
1 chunk organic broccoli
1 serving green food mix (I use Perfect Food)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

This works better if you add the ingredients to the blender one at a time while it is on medium speed, then finish at high speed. Then add enough cold spring water to make 4 cups. Serve Cold. Mmmm!

I can’t wait to try the cheese next! I have not been able to eat cheese for 15 years! Will I be able to tolerate it? Well, after the Sueroviv and the Amasai, you better believe I am going to find out!

To buy Sueroviv, click here.