January 10, 2017

Meet MegaFoods NEW Products

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Megafood, one of the top whole-food nutritional companies in the US, has just released 5 new innovative products!

Meet the Bs! Be Bold. Be Boundless. B Vitamins.

Overflowing with farm fresh foods like beets and broccoli, Megafood’s new line of methylated B vitamins promote energy and focus so you can paddle your way through just about anything! Both of these new formulations contain methylated forms of Folate and B12, as well as the active form of Vitamin B6.

Why Does Methylation Matter?

With so many points to consider when supplementing the diet, you may be ready to throw your hands up at the thought of yet another decision factor. Yet Methylation is a current hot topic in the world of health and wellness, and it’s an important one at that. So, if you’re wondering what methylated vitamins are all about, and what you need to know concerning your nutrition, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s look at folate as an example. Many of us know about the importance of folate during pregnancy for the healthy growth and development of the baby. In adults, folate is also needed to produce healthy red blood cells, as well as to maintain healthy levels of a compound called homocysteine. * The active form of folate is the methylated form. This is the form that your body can actually utilize, and is officially referred to as 5-MTHF (5-Methyltetrahydrofolate, if you want to get really technical!).

…Because it’s widely understood that a certain percentage (possibly as high as 30%) of the population is unable to metabolize the unmethylated forms of specific B vitamins, namely Folate and Vitamin B12.* This is a big deal! Genetic testing has become increasingly more accessible to the public for identifying carriers of one (or both) of the genetic abnormalities, C677t and A1298c, that prevent the metabolism of unmethylated forms of B vitamins.* For that, it’s easy to see why an increasing number of consumers are now concerned with methylation.

Because the inability to methylate is such a widespread concern, MegaFood has recently developed two new products to support all individuals looking to supplement with B vitamins. These products are suitable for those that do have the gene abnormalities in question, as well as those who do not.

Methyl B12 is a convenient one-a-day, easy-to-swallow mini tablet designed to support energy production, health of brain cells & nerve tissues, and the formation of healthy blood cells, as well as support heart health by maintaining healthy levels of homocysteine. So much support in such a small tablet! Methyl B12 is also great for those following vegetarian or vegan lifestyles, who do not get B12 naturally in their diets.

Adult B-Centered boasts the active and methylated B vitamin forms, the botanicals are where it really shines. Bacopa supports cognitive function – including memory and learning capacity – as well as the body’s response to stress. L-Theanine, an amino acid most commonly found in green tea, is shown in studies to help promote a sense of relaxation while maintaining alertness. It also may help to encourage relaxation, focus and cognitive function. Lastly, Lemon Balm, commonly referred to as the “gladdening” herb due to it’s comforting properties, is traditionally used to soothe occasional restlessness.

Kids Vitamin Booster Powders

If they won’t eat them, sneak them in.  It’s tough getting our kids to take their vitamins.  That’s why we partner with Kauai Organic Farms, Lundberg Family Farms, and Uncle Matt’s Organic to whip up kid-friendly powders that can be slipped into just about anything, making good nutrition just that much easier to swallow.

Kids Daily Multi Nutrient Booster Powder promotes well-being & healthy development with Organic Turmeric, Carrots & Fresh Fruits.  Contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals per serving, made with FoodState Nutrients made with farm fresh foods.  Provides 100% DV or more of Vitamins C, D3 and B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 & Biotin) and Turmeric sourced from Kauai Organic Farms Farm Fresh Fruit Blend provides broad spectrum of protective antioxidant compounds. Iron and herb-free.

Kids Daily B-Centered Nutrient Booster Powder supports energy, focus & sense of calm with Organic Brown Rice, Broccoli & Bacopa. Includes a balanced complex of all FoodState B vitamins to support health of nervous system plus zinc, choline & inositol. Also in the formula is Bacopa, an Ayurvedic herb, traditionally used for children and adults alike to help enhance cognitive function, along with Chamomile and lemon balm, herbs traditionally known to help provide a sense of calmness in children. Formulated with the amino acid L-theanine to help promote mental focus.

Kids Daily Immune Nutrient Booster Powder  promotes a Healthy Immune Response with Organic Oranges, Elderberry & Echinacea. This unique formula features elderberry to help maintain optimal immune health during the fall and winter season, Astragalus and echinacea to promote and help to strengthen a healthy immune response year round, Organic oranges, blueberries and cranberries provide deep pigmented natural phytonutrients for additional antioxidant protection. FoodState Vitamin C with Uncle Matt’s Organic whole oranges.

At MegaFood they are committed to making sure kids get the nourishment they need. Check out our other kids’ supplements.