January 16, 2016

Secrets of FucoTHIN Weight-Loss

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From Extraordingary Health Magazine vol 17

These Ladies Have LOST It!

Lorine VanCorbach

Sometimes it takes a special occasion or a painfully revealing photograph to motivate someone to lose weight. For 43-year-old Lorine VanCorbach from Adrian, Oregon, it was both. When she attended her nephew’s graduation last June, there were plenty of family photos taken to commemorate the milestone, but Lorine didn’t feel like celebrating when she saw them. Instead, like many people who are faced with the reality of an unflattering photo, she thought: Is that me? I really, really need to lose weight!

Spurred into action, Lorine resolved to try something different because numerous diets she’d tried over the years had failed and left her disheartened. Rather than researching the latest fads or exercise contraptions hyped on television, Lorine decided on a tried-and-true dietary supplement called fücoTHIN to help reach her weight-loss goals. Encouraged to learn that fücoTHIN was a top seller in the Natural Products Industry for more than six years, she was also intrigued that the product’s brown seaweed and pomegranate seed oil could help boost her metabolism—naturally and with no harmful side effects.

Lorine made sure to check with her health care professional, and then started out on a regular exercise plan. For her healthy diet plan, Lorine changed her eating habits by adding plenty of fresh whole foods, but FucoTHIN was her secret weapon.

“I noticed that I had a lot more energy when I started taking fücoTHIN,” she said. “I was able to see results a lot faster than when I was just watching my diet and limiting certain foods.” Lorine gradually lost 2 to 3 pounds per week and was delighted when the scale showed she’d dropped a total of 45 pounds in about 20 weeks.1 That’s when she decided to take another photo that she could be much happier about.

“With fücoTHIN, I lost weight and went down two dress sizes!” she gushed. “I like the way I look in photos so much better now, and I’m grateful I found a way to reach my ideal, healthy weight.”

Patty Runton

Numerous studies show that millions of Americans know how to lose weight, but more than two-thirds are “yo-yo” dieters who regain their pre-dieting weight back within a few months. Patty Runton of Lilburn, Georgia, beat the odds when she lost 55 pounds in about seven months by following a healthy meal plan, exercising regularly and taking fücoTHIN, but also kept the weight off for three years and counting!

Patty heard about fücoTHIN at Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where she attended a seminar about healthy eating. At the time, she weighed 210 pounds with a BMI of 35, which was considered clinically obese.

“My self-esteem was at an all-time low, and I was embarrassed at having gotten this heavy,” said Patty. “I was tired all the time, depressed and generally not feeling good.”

After speaking with a weight-loss counselor at the medical center, Patty ultimately decided to try FucoTHIN because it was derived from a naturally occurring source—seaweed!

“I took it cautiously at first, but had no side effects at all, except for losing weight!” she exclaimed. After almost seven months of taking fücoTHIN, making better food choices and regular exercise, Patty’s dress size dropped from 18 to a svelte size 10.1 She reports that she feels better, looks better and is currently using fücoTHIN to maintain her weight loss.

“I continue to take fücoTHIN to help keep my weight in check,” she said. “I also take a Garden of Life fish oil supplement and a RAW ONE for Women daily vitamin. When people ask what I’m eating now, I tell them I try to eat as much raw and fresh food as I can and that I stay away from the so-called diet foods!”

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