August 29, 2018

Why You Should take a Pre-Workout Supplement

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by Don Saladino for Garden of life

Why are so many people taking pre-workout supplements?

I tell my clients all the time, it’s important to prepare to get the most out of your workout or performance. That starts with the basics of a healthy diet and plenty of rest. The benefit you get from investing in preparation is the very reason people should take a pre-workout supplement. We all want to improve both our performance and our alertness during training sessions so that we can get better results.

Pre-workout supplements don’t just help make up for what you missed in your diet and the focus you lost without proper rest. An “effective” and “clean” pre-workout supplement can give you the extra edge—the winning edge. And, there’s a hidden benefit to investing in a clean pre-workout. When you’re better prepared before your workout, you’ll actually recover faster after your workout, and with less soreness.

Is that why you wanted to create a TRULY CLEAN pre-work supplement as part of our new Sport line?

Absolutely. It’s extremely important to me to only put clean ingredients into my body—and that goes for my clients as well. I knew we could create a pre-workout supplement that provided me and my clients all of the benefits without the negative side-effects of “unclean” supplements ( jitters and irritability) and without any illegal or banned substances.

What makes Garden of Life’s pre-workout powder Energy + Focus work?

Every ingredient in Garden of Life’s Energy + Focus was chosen to boost your workout intensity.

The formula works in three main ways:


By releasing Nitric Oxide (NO) with vitamin B12 into your system from a blend of organic kale, spinach and beets and our whole food methylcobalamin. NO, combined with B12 actually decreases your core body temperature during an intense workout. With your core temperature in check, your immediate energy actually increases, giving you the power and stamina you need to perform your best. Also, NO increases the rate that your body uses stored energy in the form of glucose—the richest source of available energy. The faster your body burns glucose, the more it can deplete vitamin B12 levels, so supplementing with B12 just makes sense. Lastly, NO actually increases your endurance by helping oxygen flow more efficiently through the blood to your muscles (including your lungs and heart).

Energy + Focus uses the healthiest source of caffeine I’ve ever seen. Our organic coffeeberry has an incredibly high-antioxidant content including polyphenols like chlorogenic acid. It’s an entirely natural and organic caffeine source and the overall amount is similar to a cup of good coffee (100mg).

I like caffeine in a pre-workout because it’s one of the few ingredients that actually lets you workout harder while reducing your body’s perception of fatigue and soreness. It works just as well for a weight lifter as it does for marathon runner.

Energy + Focus loads up with organic Amla berry and organic Baobab fruit. These are terrific sources of vitamin C, and pack a powerful polyphenol punch. When you push yourself during exercise, you are releasing “free radicals” damaging your cells, causing muscle fatigue and soreness. But antioxidants, including vitamin C, play a key role in fighting against these free radicals helping you recover faster, and more comfortably.

Any other advice on preparing for your best workout?

In addition to eating healthy and getting plenty of rest, to get the most out of your workout, you should take Energy + Focus 20-to-30 minutes prior to a workout. I recommend preparing with Energy + Focus because I know the ingredients are clean—Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and certified by NSF for Sport and Informed-Choice. These four certifications give you confidence.