January 20, 2016

Digestive System Battles and Probiotics

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From Extraordinary Health Magazine Vol 16

You are blissfully unaware. While you sip your latte, stroll through the park, clack away at your keyboard and scamper after your children, a battle is being fought in your digestive system.

Here is a quick refresher on human biology. When you consume food, that food is broken down in your digestive tract. Nutrients are extracted and, in a healthy digestive system, they are passed into the bloodstream through the intestinal walls. The blood acts as the freight carrier that takes the convoy of nutrients wherever they are needed in the body. The war between the good bacteria—the probiotics— and the bad bacteria is fought along the border of the intestines and in the bloodstream.

Among other things, probiotics help keep the lining of the intestines healthy. This is no small matter. Consider this: Let’s say that one Wednesday, you decide that you’re going to eat the healthiest diet possible that day. You consume all manner of nutrient-rich foods. However, if the bad bacteria are winning the war in your gut, then some of those healthy nutrients will not reach their intended destination. If you are losing the border war in your digestive system, then you may not be getting all the nutrients your body craves. Probiotics help win that battle. They aid the digestive tract by helping to keep the lining of the intestinal tract healthy.

The best way to introduce probiotics into your body is through your diet. Unfortunately, the foods that are probiotic-rich are not staples in our modern diets. Fermented foods, once prevalent in our food supply, are largely vacant in the American diet. It makes sense then, if you’re not consuming enough fermented, probiotic-rich foods, to lean on a probiotic supplement. The key is to make sure you are choosing the one that is best suited to waging the border war in your gut.


RAW Probiotics is uniquely suited to aid your digestion. In fact, it’s almost as if it were formulated to help the battle between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. RAW Probiotics has three specific factors that qualify it as your probiotic army of choice.


At any given time, there are hundreds of different types of bacteria—both good and bad— waging war in your gut. If you are going to supplement with a probiotic, then you need to make sure you choose one with a multitude of different probiotic strains.

The battle analogy is still applicable. No army wants to go into battle with just their infantry. You want infantry, tanks and air support. . . the whole works. Fighting a battle with only one probiotic strain is like trying to fight a war with just your infantry. You are neglecting many other powerful weapons in your arsenal when you limit yourself to just one single foot soldier.

Each RAW Probiotics formula contains over 30 different probiotic strains. You’re not getting just the infantry; you’re getting the entire army. This is important since different probiotic strains have different roles—they aid digestive health in different ways. Some are transient, clearing out the bad bacteria before leaving. Others stick around, helping to break down food or lining the intestinal walls to aid nutrient absorption. Like any good army, they work together to accomplish the objective of extraordinary digestive health.


If you’re going to fight a battle, you want a lot of soldiers. There are billions of bacteria in your gut, and if you are going to supplement with a probiotic for overall digestive health, then you need to consider how many “soldiers” you are sending into battle.

Each RAW Probiotics formula contains at least 85 Billion “soldiers”, or Colony Forming Units (CFU). CFU even sounds like a military term. CFU is the standard measure of total probiotic count. With 85 billion, RAW Probiotics is one of the highest-potency probiotics available today.


The largest, best-trained army in the world is useless if they never arrive at the battlefield. RAW Probiotics features our exclusive Arrive Alive Potency Promise, ensuring that you’re getting all the probiotics your body needs.

One of the reasons many probiotic supplements have such large CFU counts is due to the fact that there is an expected die-off of some of the probiotics. When you see the words “50 Billion CFU,” that statement is often followed by the phrase “at time of manufacture.” It is very hard for the consumer to know—and have confidence in—the number they see on the bottle.

The Arrive Alive System removes that doubt. It is a “fresh approach” on how probiotics are delivered from the manufacturer to you. Each individual probiotic strain in RAW Probiotics is grown in a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facility, put into frozen storage and shipped to our manufacturing facility on dry ice. When they arrive, they are immediately transferred to freezer units. The blending and encapsulating process is done in a facility that is temperature- and humidity-controlled and moved back into cold storage after the process is finished. Finished bottles and cartons are shipped to stores in special containers along with ice packs to keep them cold. When they arrive at stores, retailers are instructed to immediately place RAW Probiotics in coolers. With Arrive Alive, you can trust that you’re sending a full complement of probiotic “soldiers” into battle.


If you’re taking the care to consume a healthy diet, you owe it to yourself to maximize the benefits of that diet. RAW Probiotics was formulated to help you in the battle between good and bad bacteria that goes on every day in your gut. That means getting maximum benefits from your healthy diet.


Did You Know?

As a digestive health company, we have spent the last decade trying to convince people of the importance of a healthy digestive system. And, while we usually focus on the benefits of various probiotics, enzymes and fiber in gut health, sometimes an off-the-wall fact comes along that we just can’t resist sharing.


Lest you think getting rid of these bacteria represents a weight loss opportunity you’ve previously overlooked, you should know that the body needs those bacteria. In a healthy digestive system, most of those bacteria are of the good variety—probiotics, which literally translates to for life. Probiotics aid the digestive system in numerous ways. They help you digest food properly, and they are vital in keeping your intestinal walls healthy so that nutrients from the food you eat can freely pass through the intestines and into the bloodstream.

More disconcerting than having an ostrich egg’s worth of bacteria in your gut (We looked it up . . . an ostrich egg weighs about four pounds!) is what happens if bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria. What if three pounds of those bacteria are unhealthy bacteria? Since the digestive system is the gateway for nutrients to enter the body, it makes sense that you would want far more good bacteria—at least a few pounds worth!

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