December 16, 2015

Toxin Cleanse by Dr Brasco

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By Dr Joseph Brasco

The number of environmental toxins in the U.S. is staggering, and nobody knows how many of them make their way into our bodies.

Joseph D. Brasco, M.D., is a medical consultant with Garden of Life and has extensive expertise and experience in the areas of gastroenterology and internal medicine. Dr. Brasco earned his Medical Doctorate at the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his residency at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Likewise, he is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in both Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. He currently practices at the Center for Colon and Digestive Disease in Huntsville, Alabama.

Did you know that the United States has registered more than 80,000 different chemicals—with 2,000 new chemicals added each year to use in foods, personal care products and more? Those are the facts, according to the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Toxicology Program.

We know some of those chemicals find their way into our bodies, too, which is why the Centers for Disease Control publishes the National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals every few years. It tracks 500 different chemicals and their concentrations in humans. But what about the other over 79,500 chemicals the CDC doesn’t track?

As you might guess, chemical exposure is one reason for cleansing— and skyrocketing sales of cleanses proves that people are concerned about the avalanche of chemicals finding their way into our environment and into our bodies.

As you look to get healthier this New Year, pay attention to your body’s toxic load by cleansing. RAW Cleanse from Garden of Life combines the intelligence of a whole-body cleanse to remove toxins and the wisdom of RAW to ensure that no new toxins are added back into your body. It’s the perfect start to any health adventure— and a smart choice for combatting ever-present and increasing toxins.

RAW Cleanse—TRIPLE DETOX FORMULA Setting Up a RAW Defense

A high-quality cleanse must remove unwanted toxins from the body and aid the body’s natural defense mechanisms to repel toxins, so they won’t enter the body and bloodstream. Most of the hundreds of cleanses on the market miss this crucial starting point of cleansing—even when the primary purpose of cleansing is removing toxins from the body to aid digestion and overall health. And where does digestion begin? The mouth, where food—and many toxins—first enter the body.

Toxin Defense, the first step in RAW Cleanse, contains a unique oral probiotic known as S. salivarius. Much like the skirmishes fought in the gut, there’s a war going on in your mouth with various microorganisms—and S. salivarius promotes healthy microorganisms in the mouth. Other microorganisms produce toxins that interfere with the normal function of the body. By taking up space in the mouth, S. salivarius helps keep those microorganisms from getting a stronghold in the oral cavity— providing an excellent first line of defense against toxins. Toxin Defense also includes Bacillus coagulans, a powerful digestive probiotic supporting the gastrointestinal tract—another breeding ground for toxic microorganisms. Much like S. salivarius, Bacillus coagulans reduces toxic load by inhibiting potentially toxic microorganisms from travelling further in the body, so your digestive system can function at its best.

Toxin Defense, the first component of RAW Cleanse, minimizes exposure to toxic invaders. However, neutralizing and removing the toxins already in your body is equally important—which brings us to the next step, RAW Organ Detox.

The liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. All blood passes through the liver, and its primary purpose is to remove toxins from the blood. Most cleanses remove toxins on the “macro” level—those in the liver, kidneys and other organs. One “macro” ingredient in Organ Detox is raw chlorella, a green algae aiding the liver in excreting environmental toxins the body is normally exposed to in small amounts. Organ Detox also contains milk thistle, used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and found in many cleanse and liver detox formulas. Unlike most cleanses, the milk thistle found in Organ Detox is RAW. The real superstar ingredients—not found in other cleanse formulations—are the intra-cellular antioxidant trio of glutathione, SOD (superoxide dismutase) and catalase, but none may be as important as glutathione. As you may know, antioxidants work at the cellular level to combat free radicals that damage cells—and toxins lead to oxidative stress within the body, causing a proliferation of free radicals.

For humans, glutathione is at its highest concentration in the liver, which serves as the collection point for toxins—making the liver prone to oxidative stress and free radical damage. Since the liver can manufacture glutathione, four ingredients were added to Organ Detox to boost the body’s ability to manufacture glutathione and aid in the detoxification process.† These ingredients are raw food-created cysteine, glycine, sulfur and glutamic acid—building blocks your body uses to create its own glutathione storehouse.

Organ Detox also contains the antioxidant enzymes SOD and catalase, which work together to minimize the effects of oxygen radicals at the cellular level. While oxygen is vital for normal body function, too much oxygen that is not efficiently utilized by the body can cause damage.

In short, the net effect of ingredients in the RAW Cleanse Organ Detox formula is to support your liver to do what it’s made to do—remove toxins from your blood.

Moving Toxins Out: RAW Digestion & Elimination

Cleansing doesn’t end with toxins being eliminated from the bloodstream. To hasten the removal process, most cleanse programs contain ingredients that help elimination. RAW Digestion & Elimination is unique because it’s made with RAW ingredients—and created for toxin capture and removal. The formulation starts with RAW food-chelated magnesium, which attracts water to the colon, allowing for the natural movement of intestinal bulk. This differs from other laxatives that “force” digestive tract muscle contractions to move waste.

RAW Digestion & Elimination also contains two superfoods—flaxseed and chia seed—providing omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Besides being highly nutritious, these bulking fibers trap toxins for bodily removal.† Additionally, RAW Digestion & Elimination contains four different cereal grass juices that are nutritional powerhouses and traditional cleansing agents. They support the proper function of a healthy gastrointestinal tract and help maintain regularity, which are important when moving toxins out of the body.

Cleansing in the RAW

For the ultimate cleanse experience, raw represents “the standard,” and raw foods and juices are foundational elements of virtually every cleansing and detox program. Garden of Life RAW Cleanse features uncooked, untreated and unadulterated ingredients designed to support your body’s natural digestive and detoxification systems.

Garden of Life’s standard for supplementation means:

• highly active, ultra-premium ingredients
that contain live probiotics and enzymes.
• no gluten or dairy.
• no binders or fillers.
• nutrients are delivered in their un-denatured, whole food form with all the inherent co-factors intact.
If you want the best in cleansing and detoxification, then go RAW with Garden of Life RAW Cleanse.

Opinions expressed on this blog are those of the writer and have not been reviewed by the FDA, CDC or other 'medical authorities'. Therefore, any products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional use.

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