October 27, 2010

Natural Gas Poisoning 2

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This is a synopsis of the natural gas poisoning symptoms from www.gasstationnearme.com:

Many people have been subjected to gas poisoning but have hardly noticed the symptoms until it has been too late. Whether they have been exposed at home or outside, all have similar stories to tell. So if you are exposed to natural gas in any way, read the following warning signs of natural gas poisoning.
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* Headache and dizziness. While these may not be the classic warning signals, don’t ignore them.
* Nausea. Especially if you are driving with the windows all rolled up or haven’t opened the windows in your house due to foul weather.
* People who have been exposed to natural gas poisoning have ended up with epilepsy, sinus, pneumonia, nosebleeds, memory loss, constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, loss of appetite, loss of menstrual cycles, depression, claustrophobia, pain in hands and feet, low grade fever, heart pain, partial-seizures, chest pain and hair loss.

If you smell any leak in your house or in the car, report it immediately and check for the source. Don’t confuse between natural gas leak and carbon monoxide leak. Both gases are equally dangerous and can cause a slow decline in your health. However, natural gas cannot be detected on carbon monoxide leak tester.

Most of the affected patients usually notice the leaks months after living with health issues. The most dangerous effect of this leak is seizure since natural gas cuts your supply of oxygen. Natural gas has a very strong smelling chemical added to make leakage detection easier. If at any time you notice the leak, immediately open the windows of your house/car and sit in the open to breathe some fresh air.

This is a personal testimony from: From www.homelandnaturalgas.com

This is my story January 1,2009 I was feeling sick a sickness that I had never felt like before I was having night sweats and panic attacks, nausea upon waking loss of  appetite I was depressed so I told my husband that I did not know what was going on but I did not like the way that I was feeling that it was scaring me. I would get up every morning and dry heave well let me tell you that is no fun what so ever. So that afternoon I ended up in the ER and they ran all kinds of test on me could not find nothing wrong with me I went to several doctors and even my family doctor, and I told him what I had been feeling like so he put me on some depression medicine which I had a bad reaction to it because I was not depressed. Then he put me on nerve pills well that helped a little but it did not do nothing for the nausea and the dry heaving so a few more months went on and I was not getting no better I actually got worse in the process of my illness I had went through cat scans, EKG’S,echograms,X-rays, and a gynecologist.The next step that they suggested was sending me to a psychiarist for my problems, which I would not do. I knew I was not crazy because my husband and my family seen how my immune system was deterating. So I went back to the doctors and told them that none of the medicines was working so I go for more test so here I go for four and half months and finally found out my problem I was poisoned by natural gas. Since we learned about the gas leak we have found out there is NO TESTING FOR NATURAL GAS POISONING, there is for carbon monoxide poisoning, BUT THEY ARE DIFFERENT! Once my doctor learned about the gas leak he said that it had never accrued to him that this could have been my problem. I respect my doctor and his acknowledgment on family medicine but I’m sure as him and other doctors in our area have not came across any kind of illness like this before.

My husband has not been seen at a doctors office for over thirty-one years really never had no illness until all of this occurred and I seen him more and more getting tired,less energy,and not really being himself.When he finally went to the doctor in February 2009 he told the doctor of his symptoms and ask could his symptoms resulting from the gas leak be affecting him as his wife. I am sure that the doctor not knowing much about natural gas poisoning, he just put my husband on Z-packs. My husband contacted the natrual poison control center and explained our situation to them and they was shocked to learn we had to live in this situation that we’d been in.
My husband told the poison control center that his doctor only put him on the Z-packs since mainly his condition was breathing problems and that would be normal since doctors are not really aware of natural gas poisoning.
Since this page was created, my husband has been seen by a lung specialist and has been diagnose with Reactive Airway Disease RAD due to breathing in the fumes/vapors from natural gas for the several months! For months my husband has had so much breathing issues, taking inhalers and steroids thinking it could be asthma as the ER doctor told him. Come to find out having RAD is like an asthma symthom. We now have documentation from a specialist to back up my husbands condition.
I hope that our story maybe helpful information to others that have gone through this terrible ordeal that we have gone through.

Some of the other symptoms of this sickness is:
*Weight Loss
*Heart pain
*Chest Pain
*Loss Of Appetite
*Memory Loss
*Low Grade Fever
*Hair Loss
*Loss Of Menstrual Cycles
*Pain In Hands And Feet
*Night Sweats- sweaty feet
*Shortness Of Breath