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June 22, 2013

Jordan Rubin’s Daniel Diet

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Have you ever wanted to do a diet with Jordan Rubin? Jordan’s Beyond Organic is doing a 10 day diet together starting on July 7th this year.

What is involved in the diet? Well, it is called the Daniel Diet because Jordan has taken it from the Bible:

“Please test your servants for 10 days, and let them give us pulse to eat and water to drink. Then let our appearance be examined before you…Then at the end of the 10 days, their features appeared better and healthier than all the young men who ate a portion of the king’s delicacies” –Daniel 1:12

To do this, Jordan has created foods that he calls “pulse”. These are combinations of fruits and vegetables, plus seeds and nuts, in individually packaged meal packets. They look a little like granola, sort of. Here is what Jordan says about it: “EA Pulse, a raw, sprouted and cultured blend of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs. These ingredients are soaked and sprouted in a traditional fashion, mixed according to exacting standards, and then dried at very low temperatures to ensure their nutrients remain intact. Loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fats, probiotics, and enzymes from over 30 superfoods, each EA Pulse blend may be one of the most nutrient-dense meals you’ve ever consumed!”

Jordan says, “We’ve lost our way. You are 27 times more likely to see a fast food restaurant on your drive in to work than you are a farm. We’ve become so far removed from what real food actually is that many of us don’t even know how to start eating properly. With the Daniel Diet, we give you all the foods, beverages and tools you need to retrain your body on what it’s like to eat right—in just 10 short days.

“As a nation, we’ve spent decades feeding our bodies the wrong foods. For these ten days, you will be feeding your body the right foods. For some, this will come as a shock to your system. Remember though that with the Daniel Diet, you are starting to overcome a lifetime of dietary decisions. At times it may seem tough, but as thousands of people can attest, the Daniel Diet is worth it.”

When you go to do the Daniel Diet, you buy a $300 package that contains everything you need to consume for 10 days, including water. The diet also includes corporate prayer times, three times a day a teleconference in the evenings.

Jordan says that the thing about doing the Daniel Diet with the group is that he was surprised how much he felt like he got to know each person involved.

If you want to do the Daniel Diet with Jordan this July 7th, you must purchase your package by June 28th. You can get it at this link, which includes a free membership to Beyond Organic. Just look for the choice that says Daniel Diet.

(Of course, if you do not get your package in time, or you don’t want to do it with the group, the Daniel Diet package will come with everything you need to do the diet on your own.)

Here is a video where Jordan talks about the Daniel Diet:

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