October 17, 2017

Raw Once a Day Vitamin

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Time pressed consumers on the go don’t have to skimp on nutrition. That’s why on the heels of its top selling Vitamin Code launch, Garden of Life, is introducing raw, vegan, once daily multivitamins for men and women. According to Garden of Life President Brian Ray, RAW ONE for Men and RAW ONE for Women caters to health conscious consumers who want a raw, vegan multivitamin supplement but need the convenience of taking one capsule per day.

“We are excited about offering the first raw, vegan, one-a-day multivitamin on the market,” said Ray. “Unlike many synthetic multivitamins produced in laboratories, RAW ONE formulas are individually cultivated with their unique raw food created nutrients and Code Factors intact. The vitamins also offer a solution for consumers interested in going ‘beyond organic’ and looking to compliment their raw food lifestyle with a vitamin that reflects their health choices.”

RAW ONE multivitamins deliver live probiotics and enzymes and are uncooked, untreated and unadulterated without added binders and fillers. In addition, the vitamins are vegan and do not contain any soy allergens, gluten, dairy or fructose. Garden of Life founder and CEO Jordan Rubin said the nutrients in RAW ONE vitamins are gentle on the digestive system. “Rather than using synthetic amino acids and nutrients, RAW ONE vitamins offer a full spectrum of naturally occurring amino acids that are similar to the manner in which they are found in foods,’ said Rubin. He added that benefits of RAW ONE for Men include healthy heart, healthy prostate, eye health and optimal digestion while benefit of RAW ONE for Women include bone strength, breast health, healthy skin and antioxidant cellular protection.

Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code supplements quickly became top sellers in the industry, which ranked the Women’s formula as the fifth best selling SKU, Women’s 50 & Wiser at sixth, the Perfect Weight formula at seventh, Men’s formula at #11 and Men’s 50 & Wiser at #12. Garden of Life also launched a line extension of targeted formulas, including RAW B-12, RAW Vitamin C, RAW B Complex, RAW Iron, RAW Vitamin and RAW Antioxidants.

content from gardenoflife.com used with permission