October 18, 2017

Whole Food Vitamins for Kids

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Decades ago, choosy Moms worried about selecting the best brand of peanut butter for their kids, but current trends show that today’s parents are more concerned with their children’s health and nutrition. Because multivitamins are essential to providing kids with essential nutrients and minerals they need to thrive, Garden of Life, a leading innovator in the Natural Products industry, has created Vitamin Code Raw Kids, a chewable whole food multivitamin made with Food-Created nutrients.

Designed to specifically meet the unique nutritional needs of kids, the yummy cherry-berry chewable contains 22 organically grown fruits and veggies to provide immune support, digestive health, support for growing bones, mental and physical energy and eye health.

According to board certified pediatrician and Garden of Life’s medical expert Dr. Fiona Blair, the ingredients in Vitamin Code Kids are far superior to many others on the market that contain chemical isolates, artificial colors, sweeteners, and synthetic ingredients.

“I’m impressed with the ingredients and give Vitamin Code Kids to my own children,” said Blair, co-author of The GPRX for Children’s Health. “Unfortunately, most kids multivitamins fall short of the nutritional standards parents set for their children. However, with this whole food multivitamin, I feel that all of the nutritional bases for kids are covered!”

Jordan Rubin, Garden of Life’s founder and CEO, said Vitamin Code Kids are also unique because they contains ProBiora3 for Kids, which are oral health probiotics to support a kid’s healthy mouth and teeth.

“Finally, with Vitamin Code Kids there’s a 100 percent whole food multivitamin that parents can offer their kids with confidence because it will nourish the body and deliver nutrients as nature intended,” Rubin said.

Vitamin Code Kids is for children ages four and up and is vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and contains no soy allergens.

content from gardenoflife.com used with permission