October 31, 2017

Lower Blood Pressure with these Common Plants

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by Dr Don Colbert

Thirty-three percent (33%) of American adults suffer from high blood pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These people are at high risk for heart conditions including heart attacks, strokes, and additional fatal heart diseases. When reviewing heart conditions, high blood pressure is the number one factor of risk for deadly heart attacks.

Although, there are medical prescriptions available to help with high blood pressure, there are also more natural options offered. Certain plant extracts provide natural choices for lowering blood pressure, and they can also improve heart health.

Extract from Olive Leaves

Olive leaf extractions offer compounds known as secoiridoid glycosides. These specific agents respond with ACE or angiotensin-converting enzymes. The beneficial result of this reaction includes the blood vessels become wider (less constricted) and blood pressure lowers in the body (as well as cholesterol levels).

Patients who are unable to take ACE inhibitors can benefit from taking olive leaf extract. For those individuals looking for natural alternatives, this is also a great option. In one research study, participants took the extract for eight weeks and experienced a drop in both systolic and diastolic (blood pressure measurement) numbers.

Extract from Celery Seeds

Extraction from celery seeds also provides a more natural approach to decreased blood pressure. This particular option works similar to calcium channel blocker medications. With this extract, patients do not have any side effects, and the arteries become more widened, therefore decreasing overall blood pressure. In clinical trials, patients taking celery seed extract daily also held lower blood pressure readings.

Extract from Garlic

Garlic is well known for its heart healthy benefits and now is also seen to help lower blood pressure in research studies. Patients taking this extract over twelve weeks of time seen great improvements in pressure readings.

Natural Options for High Blood Pressure

Natural options for treating high blood pressure are better for the body. Each of these options typically does not produce side effects for the patient and can be just as successful as traditional treatments (medical prescriptions). Always discuss natural options with your practitioner, or naturopath to create the best health plan for your situation.