October 15, 2013

Between A Rock and A Hard Place- Raw Calcium

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From Extraordinary Health Magazine Vol 16

A recent segment on The Dr. Oz Show highlighted the benefits of calcium from marine sources; however, not all marine calcium is created equally.

On a recent television show, Dr. Oz unveiled the benefits of calcium from a specific type of marine algae. That algae, known as AlgaeCal (algas calcareas.sp), is a unique source of calcium. It is one of the few whole food sources of calcium that can be transformed into a nutritional supplement. The majority of calcium supplements use ground up limestone rock as their form of calcium—a decidedly un-whole food source. Furthermore, the mining of rock calcium will not win any awards for environmental sustainability. Compare that with AlgaeCal, which is harvested by hand from pristine beaches in South America, and it’s the sensible, easy choice for which calcium supplement to choose.

But it’s rarely that easy. Several manufacturers of nutritional supplements have laid claim to the reports from The Dr. Oz Show. But Vitamin Code® RAW CalciumTM from Garden of Life® truly contains the exact calcium source, AlgaeCal, featured by Dr. Oz.

One of the key benefits of AlgaeCal is the fact that it is a sustainably harvested form of marine algae. Other calcium- containing marine algae can’t always make the same claim. One of the most popular forms is “harvested” by dredging the bottom of the sea floor and is considered a “non-renewable” source of marine algae.

An additional benefit to Vitamin Code RAW Calcium is it’s backed by science. In fact, the clinical studies that were referenced on The Dr. Oz Show were done with AlgaeCal.

Vitamin Code RAW Calcium goes beyond expectations to deliver other important vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Each serving contains 73 different vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phytonutrient co-factors. Because Vitamin Code RAW Calcium is raw, it contains no binders or fillers and no synthetic ingredients. Best of all, the product is unheated, meaning that the all of the valuable nutrients are intact, ready for your body to recognize and utilize.

Don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard place with your calcium. Choose Vitamin Code RAW Calcium with AlgaeCal.