June 19, 2019

Do You Have Magnesium Deficiency? 7 Signs

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ou may have a magnesium deficiency and not even know it. And unfortunately, it can affect almost every aspect of your life.

June 8, 2019

What is CBD

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many benefits of CBD oil and maybe you have considered using products containing the cannabis compound. But you may be wondering — what is CBD, exactly?

June 7, 2019

10 Great Keto Snacks

Looking for great Keto Zone snacks? Look no further. These easy, quick Keto Zone snacks can be made in very little time, with ingredients you likely have at home.

April 23, 2019

Why are Statins Bad for You?

Why are our doctors still pushing statins at us as though they were the cure for heart disease – or the cure for anything at all?! I recently went to a new doctor and the very first thing out of his mouth was, “your cholesterol is a little high so we’ll get you a prescription […]

April 18, 2019

Why would You Take CBD?

From Dr Mercola’s article Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD) The medical benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) are becoming increasingly well recognized. According to Project CBD, at least 50 conditions are believed to be improved by CBD, including pain, seizures, muscle spasms, nausea associated with chemotherapy, digestive disorders such as colitis and inflammatory bowel disease […]

April 10, 2019

Dr Colberts New Hormone Health Zone Book

I have been listening to glowing reports from many of my customers about Dr Colbert’s new Hormone Health Zone book and about his new Homone Zone and Thyroid Zone products.  Below is a short excerpt from this new book. “The root cause of many diseases and ailments associated with aging—obesity, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, fatigue, […]

April 6, 2019

10 Science Based Benefits of Ashwagandha

by Dr Don Colbert If an ancient herb could boost your whole body health, thyroid function, muscular strength, and cognitive function, would you be interested? It happens that Ashwagandha, one ingredient in Hormone Zone, has studies to show it can do all this and more. It’s an ancient medicinal herb, and it’s gaining a lot […]

March 29, 2019

Young Living comes to Health Food Emporium

My customers have been asking me to offer Young Living products for 15 years. I recently received a phone call from a friend that was involved with Beyond Organic with me. Beyond Organic has now stopped shipping all products. Well, my friend told me that he investigated Young Living and was very impressed but the […]

March 28, 2019

Love the Smell of Citrus? 40 Ways to Use Citrus Essential Oils

When you’re searching for a fresh, invigorating, sweet yet clean scent, which essential oil do you reach for? The citrus oils, of course! But how do you choose between Young Livings eight bright oils? On the surface, they appear similar—all are cold-pressed from citrus rinds and have versatile uses—but every one of them features its […]

February 14, 2019

Eat to Treat the Top 5 Nutrient Deficiencies

by Tracey Pollack for Garden of Life Feeling well demands eating well, which is why it’s essential to eat a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods. Yet today’s typical diet lacks many vitamins and minerals that feed our body’s basic needs. Without these nutrient-filled foods, your body won’t function at its best. If you’ve been […]

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