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November 8, 2017

Probiotic Fermented Herbs

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Terrain Fermented Herbs

By Gail Bowman

Jordan Rubin, Founder of Beyond Organic, said “I’m shocked it’s taken this long for anyone to develop a natural fermentation process that can be applied to herbs, amplifying their ability to impact health.”

Beyond Organic, the newest brain child of health coach, author and educator, Jordan Rubin, has just released the newest in what is quickly becoming a long line of revolutionary products. Terrain is basically vinegar made from herbs rather than rice or apples.

As the first company in the United States utilizing the Bioxpress herbal fermentation process, Beyond Organic is excited to incorporate this groundbreaking technology into several amazing foods, beverages and nutritional supplements. Beyond Organic Founder Jordan Rubin has long been an advocate of fermented foods and herbal remedies. In his own words, “I’m shocked it’s taken this long for anyone to develop a natural fermentation process that can be applied to herbs, amplifying their ability to impact health. Fermentation has been used for thousands of years to unlock the true potential of the foods we eat. Herbs have a history every bit as long. I am beyond thrilled to finally have access to these fermented herbs myself—and to offer them to the thousands of Beyond Organic devotees who truly care about what they put into their bodies.”

Both fermentation and the use of herbal remedies have a rich tradition of use, yet it is rare to find mention of them being used together. Now, with the advent of the BioXpress fermentation process, the Beyond Organic company brings these two traditions together.

The combination of herbs in a vinegar-like fermentation will revolutionize the supplement industry. Up until now, we have been taking the dried herbs in a capsule, or an oil base. Jordan Rubin’s idea of fermenting the herbs to unlock all the active compounds from a botanical, while preserving them within a whole food matrix, is amazing.

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