August 7, 2018

Get in Shape Without being Perfect

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Now that summer is here, it’s difficult not to think about being a bit more exposed than any other time of year—barbecues, pool time or maybe just not having to wear extra layers because of the weather. The problem is that most of us feel like we must go “all in” with our diets. The reality is that you can get beach-body ready with a less-than-perfect approach.

Many times, the information you receive might be false or too aggressive, for what your goals are. Considering I like the approach that “less is more” to reach ones goals, let’s go through a few basic and easy tips that should be followed:

At the very least, I need you to break a sweat for 10 minutes a day. For those of you who struggle to be consistent, then this approach is incredible. I refer to this as throwing wood on the fire place. One log on the fire still works; you don’t always have to throw more than that. If you are an exercise nut, then stick with what you’re doing and just ask yourself a simple question: Is it working? We all can get into a routine but realize that it might not be effective.

First off, stay hydrated and feed yourself quality foods. Eighty percent of your week should be locked into these principles while the other 20 percent can be left for mistakes—or just life in general. An easy rule of thumb is that if you can’t get nutrition from a food, then don’t consume it. Those foods can be left in your 20 percent column.

This has been huge for me because my body is put under a lot of stress through travel, training, work and life. Our bodies need more if you demand more from it. My daily routine is Garden of Life’s Energy & Focus pre-workout followed by a recovery booster right after. About 15-to-30 minutes later, I then take a GoL SPORT Protein shake or eat a balanced meal.

This part is simple, but very important. I sleep around 7-to-9 hours per night and try to do recovery modalities such as meditation, infrared saunas, cryotherapy or massages. As long as I get one of these per day, then I’m happy.

This is a very simple formula. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Follow these steps to up your exercise, feed your body with healthy foods and supplements, and heal your body internally which will result in achieving your body composition goals.

More about Garden of Life SPORT Energy & Focus:

Every ingredient in Garden of Life’s Energy + Focus was chosen to boost your workout intensity.
The formula works in three main ways:

1. BOOSTING ENERGY — By releasing Nitric Oxide (NO) with vitamin B12 into your system from a blend of organic
kale, spinach and beets and our whole food methylcobalamin. NO, combined with B12, actually decreases your core body temperature during an intense workout. With your core temperature in check, your immediate energy actually increases, giving you the power and stamina you need to perform your best. Also, NO increases the rate that your body uses stored energy in the form of glucose—the richest source of available energy. The faster your body burns glucose, the more it can deplete vitamin B12 levels, so supplementing with B12 just makes sense.† Lastly, NO actually increases your endurance by helping oxygen flow more efficiently through the blood to your muscles (including your lungs and heart).

2. SHARPENING FOCUS — Energy + Focus uses the healthiest source of caffeine I’ve ever seen. Our organic coffeeberry has an incredibly high-antioxidant content including polyphenols like chlorogenic acid. It’s an entirely natural and organic caffeine source and the overall amount is similar to a cup of good coffee (100mg). I like caffeine in a pre-workout because it’s one of the few ingredients that actually lets you work out harder while reducing your body’s perception of fatigue and soreness. It works just as well for a weight lifter as it does for marathon runner.

3. DELAYS THE ONSET OF MUSCLE SORENESS — Energy + Focus loads up with organic Amla berry and organic Baobab fruit. These are terrific sources of vitamin C, and pack a powerful polyphenol punch. When you push yourself during exercise, you are releasing “free radicals” damaging your cells, causing muscle fatigue and soreness. But antioxidants, including vitamin C, play a key role in fighting against
these free radicals helping you recover faster, and more comfortably.

August 3, 2018

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