June 20, 2008

My Story – Sherry Munroe

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For years I abused my body and system eating and drinking whatever I wanted – partly unaware of the damage I was doing, partly because like so many, I just wanted what I wanted. I also thought “health food” was for the slightly weird – granola-type folks who grew all their own food, raised their own meat, if they ate any at all, and had long hair all over the place. I had no idea what supplements were, nor did I care to find out! Sometimes – no usually – we have to come to the end of ourselves before we’ll look in other directions to better ourselves and our lives.

In June of 2006, during an extremely stressful period of my life, I became ill. Nothing seemed to be working right in my body. As I put stuff in it, it came right back out. Within about a three-week period I lost 20 pounds, was terribly dehydrated and so weak I could barely get out of bed. If I could have connected myself to the bathroom, I wouldn’t have even tried!

Finally, with my doctor’s and family’s urging, I allowed myself to be admitted to the hospital. Doses of a variety of drugs did the trick, but as you well know, hooked me on them as well. I continued to take heavy doses of pain relievers and prednizone, having been diagnosed with acute ulcerative colitis. I did finally wean myself off the pain meds. I appreciated them initially, but after the pain decreased, I wanted my brain back. Every time I tried to get off the prednizone, however, I would relapse and have to start all over. A friend told me about The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. By then it was the only thing that made any sense. I also read Restoring Your Digestive Health by the same author. I ordered all the recommended supplements through Health Food Emporium, talking with Gail about the best possible course for me to follow. Within just a few months of taking the Primal Defense and FYI, I was able to wean myself from the steriods. There are other supplements I! injest as well, and am so happy to do it!

I do have to watch what I eat (duh!) and am still learning what feels good and works well with my system and what doesn’t. I am so thankful to Gail and her family for their dedicated service to help improve our health – what a wonderful blessing they are. I’m still not a granola – it doesn’t work well with me – but grass-fed elk, venison and chicken sure does!!

Sherry Munroe

Athol, ID